Chimney crown sounds pretty regal, doesn’t it? The crown unfortunately adds no elements of royalty to your home but increases the efficiency of your chimney. The chimney crown is an important part of your fireplace system, and most people aren’t even aware of it’s purpose.

About a Chimney Crown

The Role of a Chimney Crown - Manchester NH - Ceaser Chimney ServiceThe crown is the very top part of your chimney, prevents precipitation from entering your home, and is usually made up of concrete. This is because mortar, another common building material, absorbs water into its pores, which causes deterioration and crumbling. A crumbling chimney crown will not keep the water out of your chimney. After the crown has been constructed, the concrete should be covered and cured for several days to ensure the cement is at its optimum strength.

In addition, the crown must overhang your chimney. Some builders often commit an error and construct the crown right at the edge of the chimney. If it doesn’t overhang the edges of your chimney, the precipitation will run down into your chimney through the flue instead of being directed to the roof where it can run off and into your gutters.

A flat chimney crown will not function properly. The purpose of the chimney crown is to direct water away from your chimney, and a flat crown doesn’t accomplish this. Instead, a chimney crown should have a slight downward slope to direct precipitation.

Your chimney crown should also be constructed with reinforcing steel or mesh in the concrete to prevent the formation of large cracks. Cracked chimney crowns let water into your chimney and home. A chimney crown should also have flashing applied on top of the masonry. Flashing separates the top of the chimney from the crown and stops water from getting into your chimney.

Chimney Crown Repair

Since your chimney crown sits at the top of your chimney, it bears the brunt of the elements. Therefore, it is particularly susceptible to cracks and wear-down. When we inspect your chimney, we’ll take special care to make sure that your chimney crown is in great shape. Give Ceaser Chimney Service a call at 603-518-5773 or schedule an appointment online. We may not add precious jewels, but we will make sure that your chimney cap is in excellent condition!