We Repair & Rebuild Crowns For Long-Lasting Protection Against Chimney Leaks

While vinyl-sided chases have steel chase covers that close up the chimney top and keep rain, snow, and ice out, masonry chimneys rely on cement crowns to do the job. These are concrete coverings that sit at the top of the chimney stack and encourage rain, snow, and ice to slide right off of the chimney top and down onto the roof. But like anything, crowns can fail — especially if they were poorly built — and when they do, they can allow moisture to enter the chimney.

Common Causes of Chimney Crown Leaks

  • The crown was built without a slope or drip overhang. Well-built crowns should slightly slope downwards so that water flows off rather than sitting and settling on top of the chimney. Crowns should also extend a little past the chimney stack itself, so that when water does flow off, it doesn’t pour right down into the flashing.
  • The crown was poured too thin or made of common mortar. A strong cement should be used to build the crown, but sometimes common mortar is used. While strong, a mortar crown won’t hold up against water as well as a cement crown will over time, which can lead to premature deterioration. Likewise, if the crown is thinner than it should be, water can wear away at the crown and make its way through.
  • The crown cracked and moisture forced the crack to spread and grow. Even well-built crowns can crack, but if the crack isn’t addressed early on, moisture can cause even hairline cracks to grow and spread. Over time, moisture can use these cracks as entry points into the chimney and cause all kinds of water damage.

Worried About Your Crown? We Can Help

Do you think your crown may be failing and causing your chimney leak? Schedule an inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney professional ASAP. If an inspection reveals that your chimney crown is damaged and in need of repair or rebuild, you can count on Ceaser Chimney Service to do the job right.

  • Crown Repairs — If your chimney crown is in need of repairs, we can seal cracks and holes to prevent further growth, damage, and water entry. Once repaired, we’ll apply CrownCoat, a product from ChimneySaver, which is designed to provide a flexible, long-lasting waterproof membrane that covers the entire crown. Because of its flexibility, it will expand and contract with your crown during temperature shifts, which helps keep cracks from occurring in the future, and keeps that waterproof membrane intact and effective.
  • Crown Rebuilds — If your crown is past the point of repair, we can remove it and pour a new crown into place. With our CSIA-certified chimney pros on the job, you can be confident that your new crown will be built with the right materials, the right thickness, the right slope, and the proper overhang or drip edge. Once the new crown is in place, we’ll protect it by applying CrownCoat over the entire crown.
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Our Chimney Pros Are Ready – Call Today

Don’t let a failing crown get you down — have your crown inspected and repaired today and keep chimney leaks at bay. Whether you’re in Manchester, Hudson, Greenville, Goffstown, Merrimack, or somewhere else in the area, our full-service chimney professionals are just a phone call or a click away. Call 603-518-5773 or request an appointment online today.


One of the best ways to prevent damaging, costly chimney leaks is to have your chimney professionally waterproofed.