What’s The Best Way To Prevent Leaks? Chimney Waterproofing!

If you’ve read the masonry repair page here on our website, you already know that the masonry of your chimney is porous and naturally soaks up the moisture brought by rain, snow, and ice. You also already know that this moisture can cause all kinds of damage, from discoloration and cracks to holes, gaps, popping brick, and structural weakness — sometimes even a full chimney rebuild. But what’s the best way to keep this type of damage from happening in the first place? Chimney waterproofing!

Here at Ceaser Chimney Service, we use ChimneySaver Water Repellent to waterproof the entire exposed chimney and prevent the brick and mortar from absorbing water, no matter how heavy the rain or snow may be here in New Hampshire. With this amazing product, we’re able to prolong the service life and maintain the attractive appearance of chimneys throughout Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Exeter, and the neighboring communities. Whether your chimney is old or new, chimney waterproofing is one of the best investments you can make.

ChimneySaver Water Repellent

How Does ChimneySaver Water Repellent Work?

The product is applied to and absorbed by the masonry, and provides a 100% vapor-permeable, non-glossy membrane that protects against all of the following:

  • the damage that occurs during the freeze/thaw process
  • mildew and fungus
  • efflorescence/staining/and other discoloration
Waterproofing - Applying ChimneySaver water repellent

And because it’s vapor-permeable, vapor produced by the fire in your fireplace can safely and easily escape instead of being trapped in the brick.What else do you need to know about ChimneySaver Water Repellent?

  • When professionally applied, it carries a 10-year warranty
  • It won’t alter the look of your chimney or leave a glossy film
  • It’s water-based and environmentally friendly
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We Also Seal & Waterproof Flashing With FlashSeal

Because we aim to keep water out of every area of the chimney, we also seal the metal flashing at the base of the chimney using FlashSeal. FlashSeal is an elastomeric sealant specifically formulated for permanent adhesion to asphalt shingles, aluminum flashing, brick, and other chimney and roofing materials. This product can go a long way in protecting your chimney against leaks where it meets the roof, and carries a 7-year warranty.

Is Your Chimney Protected?

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to masonry chimney systems and damage can happen rapidly. Protect your chimney, prevent leaks and masonry damage, and save your money for more enjoyable expenses by investing in chimney waterproofing with Ceaser Chimney Service. We guarantee fast, effective protection that lasts and lasts. Call 603-518-5773 or request your estimate right here on our website today.


The proper chimney cap in good condition can go a long way toward preventing chimney leaks. Find out more when you give us a call.