Protect Your Chimney & Prevent Rust Stains With A New Stainless Steel Chase Cover

If you have a newer home in Manchester, Nashua, Candia, or another neighboring community, chances are you have a vinyl-sided chase surrounding your chimney, rather than a brick and mortar chase. These vinyl-sided chases are great because they’re sleek, clean, and relatively easy to maintain — but like masonry chases, these require protection against water entry.

Chase Cover installations before and after
Chase Covers - Before and After - two completely rusted off
Chase Covers - Before and After

Unfortunately, most contractors top the chase with a low-quality galvanized chase cover, which may look good for a short period of time, but will eventually rust and rot. When these chase covers do fail, they cause chimney leaks, wood rot, and damage to the chimney chase itself, and leave unsightly rust stains down the chimney and along the roof.

Have you noticed:

  • stains on your chase or roof?
  • dripping sounds in your fireplace?

There’s a good chance your chase cover is the culprit, but we’ve got the perfect solution for you. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) chimney professionals here at Ceaser Chimney Service can remove your stock chase cover, make any needed repairs to the chase itself, and replace your cover with a custom stainless steel chase cover.

Why Is A Stainless Steel Chase Cover Better Than A Galvanized Steel Chase Cover?

Why replace your galvanized steel chase cover with a stainless steel option? Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, which means a stainless steel chase cover won’t leave rust streaks down your chimney chase or develop rusty holes that water could use as an entry point into your chimney. With stainless steel, there’s no rust, no corrosion, no leaks, no stains, and no need to replace your cover year after year.

The 24-gauge stainless steel covers we install are custom-made based on the measurements of your chimney, so you can be confident that your new chase cover will fit perfectly and protect your chimney against leaks. They also feature diagonal creases, which help prevent standing water, snow, and ice, from piling up atop your chimney. Once installed, your new stainless steel chase cover will keep your chimney top free of water and staining for a lifetime — it even comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty!

We Can Replace Your Chase Cover Quickly For A Lifetime Of Protection

Is it time to replace your chase cover with one that will provide a lifetime of protection against leaks and rust stains? Call Ceaser Chimney Service at 603-518-5773 or request an appointment right here through our website. We provide total chimney care — top to bottom — to our neighbors throughout the Granite State and we’re here to help!


We will repair of rebuild your chimney crown for years of protection against chimney leaks and other problems.