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According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 211, every chimney and venting system should be inspected yearly, regardless of whether or not it’s used regularly. If you do use your chimney each year, flammable and corrosive creosote and soot can build up inside of the flue and need to be removed. If you don’t use your chimney each year, it still needs to be checked for structural integrity, due to the long and tough winters we have here in New England, and exposure to the elements year round. But different chimneys call for different inspections.

Here at Ceaser Chimney Service, we know that inspections are an essential part of chimney maintenance and home safety, which is why we provide all three levels of inspections, as defined by the NFPA. Here’s what you need to know about each:

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Ceaser's Chimney original photo of inspection with video equipment and black logo shirt
Ceaser's Chimney original photo of inspection with video equipment and black logo shirt

Level I

Level I inspections provide a basic look at the chimney, from top to bottom. During a level I, we’ll look for any creosote buildup, flue blockages, or other noticeable issues that could be a problem. These inspections are typically recommended for homeowners who have kept up with annual chimney maintenance and are included as part of our chimney and furnace flue sweeping service.

Level II

Level II inspections are more in-depth, and include a video scan of the entire interior of the chimney flue, as well as a closer look at the chimney structure itself. We’ll check the chimney cap, the crown, the flashing, the masonry of the chimney, the flue liner, the damper, the appliance connection, the smoke chamber, and the firebox for cracks, leaks, damage, and other issues. These inspections are recommended before installing a new liner or new appliance, and when you’ve noticed a change in performance.

Level III

Level III inspections are total evaluations of the chimney, inside and out, including the areas in the attic or basement. These inspections can include some demolition work or removal of nearby walls or other areas, which is why they are primarily performed when a lightning strike, chimney fire, or other sudden occurrence has possibly affected the chimney and there’s no other way of evaluating the damage.

Whether you need a level I, a level II, or a level III chimney inspection, you can count on the full-service chimney pros here at Ceaser Chimney Service to do it right. We’ll even provide you with a detailed report, including any pictures, measurements, or recommendations for your records.

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Peace Of Mind, One Flue At A Time!

Are you looking for a highly trained, certified, and experienced chimney pro to perform your next chimney inspection? Ceaser Chimney Service is proud to provide customers throughout the greater Manchester area with peace of mind, one flue at a time.

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Our chimney sweepings and inspections services include thorough chimney and furnace flue sweepings so you never have to worry about whether it’s safe to burn a fire in your appliance.