When you discuss your fireplace and chimney system, there are some parts that are more known than others. For example, the firebox is obviously where the fire is built, and the chimney crown sits at the top of the chimney, right where anyone can see it and directs water away from the spot where the roof meets the chimney. The dampers can be opened or closed depending on whether you have a fire burning or not; if there’s a fire, you open the dampers to let the smoke out and allow air in to ‘fuel’ your fire, while if you don’t have a fire burning, you keep the dampers shut so your warm house air doesn’t leave the house and the cold air from outside doesn’t get in. There are other parts of your chimney system that you should be aware of as well, however, and one of these is the smoke chamber.

The function of the Smoke ChamberSmoke Chamber Repair - Manchester NH - Ceaser Chimney Service

The smoke chamber sits above the dampers and chimney throat and beneath the flue, which is the opening in your chimney that directs the smoke out of the house. It guides the smoke away from the fire, into the flue, and out of the house. It has a unique design, with three sides sloped and the back straight up and down. The reason that it is shaped like this is so that the smoke funnels through the chamber more smoothly.

Speaking of smoothly, it’ll be much easier for the smoke to flow through the smoke chamber if the surface is completely smooth. That’s one thing that we’ll look for when you call Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC  to inspect your chimney. Most smoke chambers are made of brick, and to achieve those sloped sides, the brickwork is corbelled. Corbelling is a method of stacking the bricks is a step-like manner, but the problem with this is that the sides, although sloped, won’t be smooth, and that makes it more difficult for the smoke to move through. In order to take care of this problem, we may recommend parging. Parging is the process of covering those bricks so that the surface is completely smooth, and at Ceaser Chimney Service we take pride in knowing how to achieve a completely smooth surface for your smoke chamber. We’ll also make sure that all creosote is cleaned out so that the smoke flows smoothly through the smoke chamber.

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You might be wondering why you should give Ceaser Chimney Service a call to take care of your smoke chamber and all the rest of your chimney care needs. We’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), by the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. It’s important for us to maintain a high level of quality service and professionalism so that our customers are completely satisfied.