Summer is already halfway over. Around this time, we tend to start thinking about state fairs, school resuming, and high school football games. Before you know it, you’re building a fire in your fireplace to ward off the cool autumn breezes. But even though we’re well into July, it’s still early enough to schedule your annual inspection and chimney sweeping and avoid the rush of late-fall scheduling.

Benefits of an Annual Inspection

Schedule an Early Sweeping - Manchester NH - Ceaser Chimney ServiceIt may seem like an annual inspection is a little excessive. Many homeowners think remaining diligent about cleaning out your firebox after every fire and using hard, seasoned wood in your fires is enough. However, the Chimney Safety Institute of America is strongly supportive of annual inspections. A big part of this is creosote buildup and the chance of chimney fires. Even if you take the utmost care when burning, some creosote will still develop. As little as an eighth of an inch is enough to cause a damaging chimney fire. Luckily, a good chimney sweeping by Ceasar Chimney Service will take care of any creosote buildup.

Another reason for annual inspections and sweepings are chimney fires can occur unbeknownst to homeowners. As strange as it may sound, many chimney fires burn out before the homeowner is even aware that it is happening. This is a particularly dangerous situation because there may be chimney damage that you’re not aware of. An early sweeping will allow us to determine if there is any damage and make the time for necessary repairs.

Odors in Your Chimney

If you do have a creosote buildup, you may have nasty odors emanating from your chimney. Creosote has a noticeable odor, especially when mixed with the warm, humid air of summer. This smell can permeate an entire room, getting into the furniture cushions and curtains. An early chimney sweeping will help avoid or eliminate any odors you may have come from your chimney.

Animals and birds that are in the nesting season during early summer are looking for a safe and warm spot to build a nest that is out of the range of predators. Your chimney is a perfect spot for that to happen, plus it provides protection from high winds and storms. When the babies are gone, the nest remains to dry and become a fire hazard. That’s another reason for having your chimney swept early. We can clear your chimney of any debris or obstruction, lessening the chance of a chimney fire in the fall. We’ll also check your chimney cap to make sure it is in good condition, and suggest necessary repairs so that birds, animals, and other debris are kept out of your chimney.

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