Spring is the best time to do a thorough house cleaning. You can open up the doors and windows and let the sweet, warm breeze blow through while you work to get the dust out of all the crevices where it has been hiding in the dull winter light. It feels good to get rid of things during this time of year as well, to get the attic and the garage cleared out. Another thing to get cleaned out is your chimney. After a long winter of use, you know there are layers of gunk that have built up, and it’s important to get that cleaned out sooner rather than later.

Schedule an early chimney sweeping and inspection - Manchester NH - Ceaser ChimneyWhy Get Creosote Out

Creosote is that matter that is left over after smoke flows through your chimney. Smoke carries the moisture that is hiding in the logs you burn, even if they have been cured. There are also chemicals that mix with the moisture, and when that moisture hits the cool interior of your chimney, all of this condenses and forms a layer of creosote. Over a winter of usage, this can build up, and that’s why it becomes dangerous. It’s highly flammable, and even as little as an eighth of an inch can catch a spark and cause a threatening chimney fire. Another problem with creosote build up is that it can smell pretty bad, especially when it mixes with the warm, humid air of spring. This odor can sneak down the chimney and permeate the carpet, the couch cushions, or even the curtains. This is another great reason to hire Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC , so they can get that stink out before it gets into your home.

Find Repairs

Another reason that hiring Ceaser Chimney Service is a smart move is that over the course of the winter, little break downs, cracks, and repair work can pop up. Just use can cause this, but other things can, as well. For example, did you know that sometimes a fire can occur in your chimney without you even being aware of it? There really isn’t enough airflow in your chimney in most cases for a full-fledged fire to occur, but that can be the problem. With a big fire, you expect damage, but with fire you aren’t aware of, there may be damage that causes other problems and you don’t know to have it checked out. This is a great reason to bring Ceaser Chimney Service in.

Why Ceaser?

No matter what the job is that you need to be done around the house, you want the best company available to do that work. When you’re looking for chimney work, that company is Ceaser Chimney Service. We have experience on all chimney inspection and repair jobs, and we take pride in staying on top of all the newest in regulations and equipment in the industry by staying certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and maintaining a membership in the National Chimney Sweep Guild. When you’re ready to schedule chimney work, call the best!