Over time, the masonry on your chimney wears out because of the harsh conditions from extreme heat, constant rain, and storm. Mortar and bricks can handle a lot of stress and strain, but the effects of weather can cause major structural damage. Whether the damage occurs over time or as the result of a catastrophic event, you’ll want to get those damage repaired immediately so they don’t persist to become a even bigger concern, down the road. And now it’s the perfect time to get those repair works done.

Problems With Your Chimney

Repairing Your Chimney's Masonry - Manchester NH - Ceaser ChimneyPrecipitation is the biggest enemies of your chimney. During the winter, rain can get into the pores of your bricks and mortar and then freeze. When water freezes, it expands. This causes the pores to become bigger, which creates a place for even more rain to settle and freeze next time. This process is the freeze and thaw cycle, and it can cause major structural damage over time.

If you noticed that the smoke wasn’t being carried out of the chimney properly during the winter, this is the result of structural damage. In fact, the CSIA states that most chimney fires occur without the homeowner’s knowledge. This is because many times there isn’t enough air in the chimney to keep the fire going. However, even a small chimney fire can cause major damage to your chimney.

When your house settles, small cracks occur in the masonry of your chimney, or even cause small cracks in your flue liner. This can be a very dangerous because toxic gases that need to be directed out of your home is coming back into your home. This could be a health hazard to you and your family.

Warm Weather is Best

The warm months of spring and summer is the optimal time for all your masonry repairs actually. The warm temperatures make the mortar easier to work with and allow for a more bonding dry time. Now that warmer weather has arrived, give Ceaser Chimney Service a call and let us restore your chimney.