Now that the weather is warmer, your thoughts turn to home repairs and renovations. Among those home improvement project, make sure chimney repairs and cleaning are in there. One of the easiest ways to keep your home safe is giving your chimney a deep spring clean and repair. Give Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC a call and let us do the cleaning for you.

Annual Chimney Cleaningman in blue vest with white tube fixing chimney brick

Over the course of using your fireplace during the fall and winter, it gets dirty and sooty. As smoke travels up your chimney, it forms condensation on the interior of the chimney and forms creosote. Creosote is a flammable substance that can easily build up and potentially catch a spark and start a chimney fire. This will cause damage to the interior of your chimney on the liner or on the brick itself. If you have chimney damage, precipitation can get in and mix with the soot, causing a grimy slurry that can eat away at the mortar of your chimney. When we come in to inspect your chimney, we’ll be looking at the condition of your mortar and checking for a solid structure.

If there is mortar work that needs to be completed, the spring and summer is the best time for repairs. The new mortar needs special care and a temperature of at least forty degrees F. If it’s colder than that, heaters need to be used in order to keep it warm for curing. Instead of adding another step, schedule repairs during the warm weather!

Call Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC

If you live in the Manchester, New Hampshire area and have mortar work that needs to be completed, you’ll want to call the best chimney sweep company in the area and that company is Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC. Part of the proof of the excellence of a company is in the certifications and memberships they hold, and Ceaser Chimney Service holds the top. For one, we are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We also are members of the National Chimney Sweeps Guild and the Northeast Association of Chimney & Hearth Professionals. These memberships mean that we stay on top of all the latest in technologies and tools so that our customers receive the best service in the region. Give us a call today and we’ll take care of all your chimney sweep needs.