Liners are very important. Whether it’s a jacket liner to make your jacket lie better or a pickup liner to protect the bed of your pickup, a liner is good to have. They make sure that things are protected while working hard. Another important liner to have is one you probably don’t think about too often, and that’s a chimney liner.

History of Linerswhite home with white brick chimney

Early chimneys were often built without a liner. As contractors became more aware of the problems that can occur from the smoke and soot, they realized a chimney liner was needed. Early on, chimneys were often lined with mortar. Around the early 1900s, homebuilders began to use clay tile to line the interior of chimneys to protect the brick and mortar from the chemicals fire releases. Clay tiles have many advantages, such as being inexpensive and easily available. A problem, however, is that they can crack, and that defeats the purpose of having a chimney liner. Other options for lining your chimney include metal chimney liners and cast in place liners.

Purpose of a Chimney Liner

So why is a chimney liner so important? There are really three things that a chimney liner does. As stated above, it protects the interior of your chimney from the effects of the fire’s chemicals. The smoke that floats up your chimney carries chemicals, and these can eat away at the brick and mortar of the chimney itself. If this happens, those chemicals can sneak back into the house and cause serious health issues. One of these chemicals is carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that can cause death if not detected early enough.

Secondly, a liner protects your walls and furniture from heat transfer. Unknown to many, the heat from the chimney can transfer out to walls, surrounds and nearby furniture. After being heated, they can also catch on fire, so add that protection!

Lastly, it makes the fireplace more efficient. You want to make sure that your chimney liner fits properly so that your fire gets the proper amount of draft. It will also help control the amount of creosote that builds up.

Who Should You Call?

If you are worried about the status of your chimney liner, it’s time to give Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC a call. We can come out and check out your chimney liner, and if it needs to be replaced, we can take care of that, too. We’ll make sure that your fireplace is safe and efficient, so give us a call soon!