Fall is in the air, literally! The air tends to smell different in the fall, crisp and clean, and there’s a definite cold feel to the breeze when it starts to blow. You can also see fall in the air, as the brightly colored leaves float down to the ground, blanketing it in reds and oranges, yellows and browns. Combine those two and you have the smell of burning leaves, freshly raked into a pile. Add some hot dogs and marshmallows and you have a great night on your hands! But if fall is here and you haven’t had your chimney cleaned and inspected, you need to get to the phone and give Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC a call, even before you go out and get those leaves raked.

Why Is It Necessary?

You may be asking yourself why this is such an important call to make. Well, there are several things that can go wrong with your fireplace and chimney, and if you don’t catch the problems early, your family’s health and safety may be at risk.

One of the first things we’ll be looking for is creosote buildup. When you burn in your fireplace, smoke forms, and that smoke comes from the moisture that’s left in the wood you’re burning as well as chemicals that are released through combustion. This rises, and when it hits the cool part of your chimney, closer to the open air, it condenses and forms creosote. This material is highly flammable, and it also smells pretty bad. So if you’ve been noticing a foul odor around your chimney, creosote is likely the culprit. If that creosote catches a spark from your fire, it can easily ignite, causing a chimney fire. Even if the fire doesn’t spread, it can cause damage to the interior of the chimney that will mean that your chimney isn’t sealed as it should be. This means that, instead of heading out the chimney into the open air, the smoke and chemicals may leak back into your home, causing respiratory or even more serious health problems.

We’ll also look for other repairs that need to be taken care of in order for your chimney to run safely and efficiently. For example, we’ll make sure that your chimney cap and chimney crown are in good shape, as well as the flashing around the base of the chimney so that water leaks aren’t occurring. Although not a repair, we’ll also make sure that there are no dead critters stuck in your chimney and no dried nests or leaves that could cause a blockage or start a fire.

Family is Priority

At Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC, we understand the importance of family. We take care of our own families by making sure our chimneys are cleaned and in top condition, and our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) professionals want to make sure that your family is protected as well. Give us a call today and get on the calendar to have your chimney cleaned and inspected before the snow falls!