There are many things that we routinely take care of such as our car, house, or ourselves. However, people tend to put off or neglect to get their chimney inspected and cleaned on an annual basis. It may seem like too much effort or just not the right time. Whatever the reason that you’ve been putting this off, now is the time to give Ceaser Chimney Service a call to set up an appointment to get your chimney inspected and cleaned before winter strikes.

What We’ll Be Looking For

masonry chimney with blue skyThere are many things that we’ll be looking for when we come in to check your chimney system. We’ll check out the exterior of your chimney to make sure that the mortar is in good condition. We will also take a look at the chimney cap and crown to make sure there are no cracks or loose spots. Most importantly, we’ll also make sure there’s no hidden damage from a chimney fire that may have happened without your knowledge. Of course, we will also check for creosote buildup to make sure your chimney is safe.

Dangers of Creosote Buildup

You may have noticed an odor coming from your chimney over the summer. Chances are, it is a result of creosote buildup. When you build a fire in your fireplace, smoke is released. This smoke is directed up and out of your home through the chimney. This is good because there are several chemicals in smoke that could cause harm to your family, chemicals such as acrolein, carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

When warm smoke hits the higher parts of the interior of your chimney, it cools down and condenses. This condensation form a hard, black mass or a stickier, brown pasty material. This gunk is creosote. If creosote is left in your chimney during the humid summer months, it can cause a nasty odor that can permeate the room of your fireplace. Creosote is also extremely flammable. When you light a fire in the fall, a stray spark or ember could easily float up your chimney, cause a chimney fire. Even if the fire burns out before you notice it, damage to your chimney could occur.

Call Ceaser Chimney Service

Ceaser Chimney Service is the company that is best equipped to handle a standard chimney and/or furnace flue sweeping job for residents in the Hillsborough County, New Hampshire area. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to do the job right!