It’s time to start on those indoor redecorating projects. Whether you are redoing the bathroom, putting new carpet in, or going all out and doing a kitchen redo, it’s a great time to draw up the plans and get that job done. Another great way to redecorate and make your heating system more efficient is by installing a wood stove. If you’re looking to supplement your heat by installing a new stove, the company to call is Ceaser Chimney Service.

Benefits of a Wood Stove

You might love the look of a wood burning stove, but do you really want to dish out the money and time to install one? Probably not, but when you see the difference in your energy bills after having a stove, you’ll see all the benefits. With a wood burning stove, you can keep the space you are in warm and cozy while turning down the heat in the rest of the house. This helps to save money on your heating bill. What a wonderful benefit!

wood burning stoves

You can also get the wood for your stove quite cheap, especially if you are willing to go to the work of getting out and cutting your own wood. Just remember to get out there early in the spring, so that it has plenty of time to cure properly. Under-cured wood has a higher water content, which means a smokier, less efficient fire and greater creosote buildup in your system.

Who To Call To Install

Whether you should decide on a wood stove or a pellet burner, the place to call to install it is easy, call Ceaser Chimney Service. We sell Napoleon stoves, and we can help you pick the perfect stove for your home and needs. We are also experts at installation. When you finally find your perfect stove, we’ll make sure it is perfectly installed. Give us a call soon and we’ll get the process started today!