The chimney cap sits at the very top of your chimney, and it plays a vital role in protecting your chimney and home from water damage and other invasions. Surprisingly, in spite of its importance, some chimneys don’t have one. If this is the case with your home or your chimney cap looks cracked or damaged, you’ll want to call the experts at Ceaser Chimney Service, and we’ll be happy to help you install a new cap or repair your existing one.

Reasons for a Chimney Cap

The Role of a Chimney Cap - Manchester NH - Ceaser Chimney ServiceWater is the number one enemy of the brick and mortar on your masonry chimneys. A chimney cap is an excellent protector against water damage to your chimney. It directs water away from the chimney and towards the gutters on the edge of your roof. It also keeps water from entering the interior of your chimney to invade your homes.

A chimney cap also keeps wild animals out of your chimney. Birds, squirrels, small creatures, and even raccoons are looking for a place to raise their young. Your chimney is the perfect home since it is warm, dark, out of the wind and weather, and out of the path of predators. It’s important to keep creatures out of your chimneys because they could leave their nests behind. A dry nest is a spark catcher that could easily turn into a chimney fire.

Along with keeping things out of your chimney, a chimney cap can also keep things in. A stray spark that settles on your shingles could easily turn into a house fire. A house fire cost a lot of money in repairs, along with putting your family in danger.

Chimney Cap Installation

There are many types of chimney caps available. We offer chimney caps from Olympia Chimney Supply, a company that leads the industry in offering the best chimney products. Our employees are experts of chimney cap installation too!

At Ceaser Chimney Service, we take pride in serving Manchester, New Hampshire and the surrounding community with integrity and expert chimney service. Give us a call today at 603-518-5773 and put our trusted experts to work for you!