Water has many great purposes. First and foremost, it cleanses. If you’ve been working hard and feel dusty and dirty, then nothing can feel as good a hot shower. If your car is dirty, or if your windows are gritty, then a good wash with some hot water and soap can get them cleaned up in no time. And in the springtime, when everything is dirty from snow and wintertime grime, then a soft spring shower can wash that grit right off the sidewalks and buildings, making everything fresh and clean again. In the spring, after the seeds have been planted, that spring rainfall is just what’s needed to make the plants grow. But for all the good that precipitation can do, when it comes to buildings and chimneys, rain can be pretty destructive.

Water-damage-to-your-chimney-Manchester-NH-Ceaser-ChimneyDamage Caused by Precipitation

When precipitation hits your chimney, it can cause damage in several different ways. Whether it’s in the form of rain, sleet, or snow, the damage will still occur. One way that this can happen is the freeze-thaw cycle. When precipitation gets in the pores of the mortar of your chimney, it sits there. When the temperatures get below freezing, that water freezes and expands, causing the pores to get bigger. As the weather warms up, the ice thaws, and there’s room for even more water to collect. As this cycle continues, structural damage can occur. This damage can be in the form of cracks which can let smoke back into your home rather than floating out of your chimney like it’s supposed to.

Waterproofing Your Chimney

One way that you can be sure that your chimney is safe from the damaging effects of precipitation is to have it waterproofed. This might seem like it’s an easy solution, but to really have the job done right, give Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC a call. Applying a waterproofing solution will do the job of keeping rainwater out of the pores, but unfortunately, there are already water droplets resting in the pores of your chimney. If you apply the wrong waterproofing solution, you are trapping that moisture inside and that’s a problem. That’s why we apply ChimneySaver Water Repellent. ChimneySaver seals the outside of your chimney from the damaging effects of precipitation while allowing the moisture that is inside the pores to escape. This will help ensure that your chimney structure stays strong and solid for years to come.

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Now that winter is on its way out, it’s time to start thinking about all those spring and summer jobs that will need to be done. Why not start with getting your chimney waterproofed, before the spring showers begin in earnest! If you’ve been noticing some tell-tale signs of water leaks or if you’re just worried about the negative effects precipitation might have on your chimney and fireplace system, then give us a call today so that we can take care of the problem. With Ceaser Chimney Service taking care of the job, you can rest worry-free!