Sometimes it seems that things aren’t built as sturdily as they used to be. When you used to buy bedroom furniture, it was made of solid wood and lasted for generations. Now it seems like they fall apart in a few years. Whether it’s the materials or the methods of construction, things just can’t withstand wear and tear as they did. When you look at your chimney, you see that some structures are still tough. Your chimney plays an important role in keeping your home safe. Keeping it safe and sturdy should be a priority. The best way to do this is by calling Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC and scheduling an appointment so that we can come in and do your annual inspection and cleaning.

What We Will Be Looking ForClassic masonry on a green sided home

The first thing we’ll be looking at is the overall structure of your chimney. This means we’ll be looking at how well the bricks and mortar are holding up. We will look for flaking and chipping or soft and crumbly mortar. If it is either, we will likely recommend a process called tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process of taking the old, worn out mortar out and replacing it with new mortar. There are special tools involved, so it’s a good idea to hire a highly qualified company like Ceaser Chimney. We’ve had the training and experience to get the job done correctly, and we’ll be careful to make sure that the new mortar matches the old.

We’ll also be taking a look to see if there has been any water damage to your chimney. Precipitation can be your chimney’s biggest enemy It causes mortar to weaken, dampers to rust and warp, and walls and ceilings to become water-stained. We will recommend necessary repairs, and if the damage is too advanced, we may need to rebuild parts of the chimney. We’ll take a look at your chimney cap to make sure that it’s not rusted and ensure a tight fit. We’ll also make sure that the flashing is fastened securely and that it hasn’t been torn or ripped, so that rain is kept out of the area where your chimney meets the roof.

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If you live in or around Manchester, Nashua, or Concord, New Hampshire and you’re looking for quality chimney service, than Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC is the company to call. We’re Chimney Safety Institute of America certified, and we’re also members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. We take great pride in offering the best service that money can buy!