It’s critical to have your house, your car, or even your health in top condition by scheduling regular checkups. However, did you know it is also very important to make certain your chimney is in top working condition to ensure safety and efficiency? And of course, we want the best person for that job. But how do you find that person? You can start by doing a google search or asking around, but the best way to make sure the person knows what they’re doing, you will want to ask for their credentials and certifications.

Best Credentials for Chimney Sweeps

Hiring CSIA Qualified Chimney Technicians - Manchester NH - CeaserAt Ceaser Chimney Service, we believe in adhering to the highest standards in the industry. We are certified by the Northeast Association of Chimney and Hearth Professionals, an organization works to raise public awareness for chimney safety and maintenance. They encourage training not only in chimney maintenance but also in business skills. We are extremely proud to be a part of an organization that actively seeks the safety of homeowners.

We also belong to the National Chimney Sweeps Guild. This organization helps to provide excellence in the chimney inspection and sweeping industry through education of members, and they also provide publications that inform members of the latest standards and techniques.

Chimney Safety Institute of America

When it comes to credentials for chimney sweeps and inspectors, the most highly recognized credentials come from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), which is a school for chimney sweeps. At CSIA, they give intensive training in the latest strategies and techniques to ensure your home and fireplace is safe from chimney fires and runs smoothly. Some of the courses taken are health and safety concerns, the proper operation of the equipment used, the different types of chimney systems, the codes, clearances, practices, and standards.

Because of the high standards they hold, it is a great honor that all of us working at Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC is CSIA-certified. We take pride and value training so much, and we want our customers to know that we will continue to seek training to maintain the highest code of ethics and workmanship.

Ceaser Chimney Service

When you’re looking for a trusted chimney sweep, whether it’s for an inspection, cleaning, or any repairs or rebuilds, you can count on us to do the best job for you and your family. Your home will be safe and secure when you hire the trusted professionals at Ceaser Chimney Service!