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Chimney Inspections in Manchester NHAt the very minimum, every chimney should be inspected yearly, regardless of use. New England winters can be extremely tough on masonry, and our chimneys take a beating – inside and out.

If the chimney is used for burning, creosote and soot may build up inside and need to be cleaned out. If the chimney is unused, it will still need to be checked for structural integrity due to long, cold exposure to the elements.

At Ceaser Chimney Service, we know that the inspection is an essential part of chimney maintenance. We provide all THREE levels of inspection.

– A Level I Inspection is a basic look over the entire chimney, top to bottom, to check for creosote buildup or any noticeable issues. These inspections should be scheduled yearly before the chimney is used. (Cost – $125)
**PLEASE NOTE:  If the system needs to be cleaned, the cost would be in place of the inspection. Click here for cleaning pricing.

– A Level II Inspection is a bit more in depth, including a video scan of the inside of the chimney and a closer examination of the chimney body. These inspections are mainly used before liner installations, and during real estate transaction appointments. (Cost- $249) 

– A Level III Inspection is a total assessment of the chimney, including attic, basement, inside and out. These inspections are rare and are mainly used after a sudden occurrence, such as lightning strike or chimney fire. Prices vary based on circumstances. Call today to get your chimney inspected at (603) 518-5773!

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