With the new year approaching quickly, it’s time to think about the things that you can do to make life safer and easier for rest of the winter. It’s easy to make resolutions, whether they are about improving your health, your home, or your social life. However, if you’re serious about improving your home’s safety, then a great first step is to make sure that your fireplace is clean and in great working condition. The best way to ensure your fireplace is safe and clean is to give Ceaser Chimney Service, LLC a call! We’ll set up an appointment and check out your fireplace and chimney system right away.

Why An Inspection is Important

masonry chimney There are several reasons that a chimney inspection is important, and the number one reason is to ensure your family’s safety. Over a year of usage, your fireplace goes through a lot of heat and smoke build-ups. No matter how careful you are to make sure that you are using seasoned firewood, creosote is still building up. When combustion occurs, moisture and a variety of chemicals including carbon monoxide, methane, benzene, formic acid, and sulfur dioxide are released in the form of smoke. As the moisture and chemical mix floats up your chimney, some of it condenses on the inner walls of your chimney, causing a layer of gunk called creosote. Creosote is a highly flammable substance, even as little as an eighth of an inch of buildup can catch a spark which can easily turn into a chimney fire.

Another way that chimney fire can occur is through blockages that build up over time in your chimney. Birds and other small critters can use your chimney as a home in the spring and summer months. However, after they leave, sometimes they leave behind their nests. Other times, paper, dried leaves, twigs, and other debris can float down your chimney to cause a buildup. Sometimes a chimney fire occur without the homeowners even being aware of it. This is a dangerous situation, because there may be damage to the interior of your chimney, if left untreated. And as you light you fires unknowingly, you allow dangerous chemicals from the smoke to filter back into your home.

Schedule an Inspection Today

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected and cleaned as recently as you should have, then give Ceaser Chimney Service a call soon! There are many things that you can try to change to make life better over the new year, and your family’s safety needs to be at the top. Our CSIA certified professionals will make sure that your chimney and fireplace are safe and efficient and ready for a new year!