There is something very appealing about a fireplace, especially this time of year when the temperatures start to cool down. It’s so cozy to settle down on a cool autumn evening in front of a fireplace. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, you need to consider investing in one. However, we know not everyone has the space for a fireplace. This does not have to be part of your deciding factor anymore. If you want a fireplace but don’t think you have the space, then a zero clearance fireplace is the one for you!

What is a Zero Clearance Fireplace?

All About Zero Clearance Fireplaces - Manchester NH - Ceaser Chimney ServiceWith most fireplaces, you need clearance space between the firebox and the wall because the fire itself gets so hot. This heat can transfer to the combustibles around, and then cause the surrounding of your fireplace to ignite and start a fire. This clearly is a dangerous situation that could endanger your home and loved ones. The benefit of a zero clearance fireplace is that it is made of materials that protect the surroundings from the high temperatures of the fire. Because of the makeup of this fireplace, it can also be placed directly against a wall.

Most zero clearance fireplaces also have glass doors, and they can be left open while the fire is burning to help heat your living space. The doors are shut when the fire is not burning, thus keeping the heat from your home from leaving your home. This makes a zero clearance fireplace efficient, which saves you on energy bills. Another reason that they are more efficient is the chimney opening is not as large as with a regular fireplace. This means that less heat is wasted.


You may wonder if this type of fireplace is safe, and the answer is yes! The materials that are used to make this prefabricated fireplace work to keep the surrounding area safe. But what about the chimney? Since the flue of a zero clearance fireplace is most often an eight-inch pipe, it seem as though it would quickly fill with the byproducts from the fire. However, you should make sure to get your fireplace system inspected and cleaned at least annually.

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