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Stainless Steel Liners

During the course of some inspections, we discover that the chimney’s flue tile has cracked, or failed.
There are many causes for this. To understand this, we must first discuss what makes up the inside of a chimney.

Installing a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner in Manchester NHInside most chimneys is a flue, which is used to vent the gases from fireplaces, wood or pellet stoves, and furnaces. These flues are usually made from 2-foot terra cotta clay and are stacked one on top of another from the foundation all the way to the chimney top. Over time, the clay is weakened due to the acidic nature of the vented gases, and from soaking up moisture from rain, snow and ice. The weakened tile will then begin to shed; This is called spalling. Sometime, the house, foundation, or chimney will settle and shift, causing the flue tiles to shift and fall inside the chimney. Also, heat from a chimney fire will cause the flue tile to crack and split.

Once the flue has cracked or fallen, the furnace gases or wood smoke will begin to seep into the cracks, and find its way outside the flue system. Once there, it can find its way into your house, or cause serious damage to the chimney itself.

No matter what causes the chimney flue to fail, once it has failed, it must be relined with a stainless steel liner. The appliance or fireplace must be connected to the continuous sleeve that runs all the way to the top of the chimney. This will ensure that all smoke and gases remain contained and cannot leak into any of the cracks and holes in the damaged flue tile.

We primarily use the M-Flex liner, from National Chimney Supply. It is a flexible liner made from 316L/Ti Titanium that can take turns, if necessary, but it strong enough to withstand temperatures upwards of 2,100° in case of a sudden occurrence, or chimney fire. All kits, once installed, come with a lifetime, transferable manufacturer’s warranty.

Essentially, you will have a brand new flue held in place by the existing chimney.

Liner prices vary greatly depending on size, length, appliance, and many other factors. We cannot hazard agues without inspecting your chimney firsthand.

If you think you may need a new chimney liner, please call (603) 518-5773 to set up an appointment.

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