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Stainless Steel Chase Covers

Avoid unsightly soot stains on your beautiful siding and home.


Stainless Steel Chase Cover for a Chimney New Hampshire

If you have a newer built home, chances are you have a vinyl-sided chase venting your chimney, instead of brick and mortar. While these types of enclosures are sleeker and cleaner, and require much less maintenance, there is one issue that rears its head quite often.

Most contractors tend to finish off the top of the chase with a galvanized chase cover. These may look good for a while, but over time they will rust and rot. Not only will these compromise the integrity of the chimney top, but can lead to ugly stains on the chimney and your roof!

If you have noticed these stains than you need to have the old chase cover removed, and a custom stainless steel chase cover installed in its place.

All our chase covers are made from 24-gauge stainless steel and are custom-made based on measurements we take of your chimney. Once replaced, the new chase covers come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and will ensure your chimney top is safe and sound! Prices vary based on the size and shape of the chimney chase. Please call (603) 518-5773 for a free estimate.

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