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Chimney Cap Installation

Protection from Water & Pesky Critters

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap on a Manchester New Hampshire HomeAt Ceaser Chimney Service, it is our firm belief that EVERY chimney should have a cap on it. A chimney cap serves a huge variety of purposes:

The first, and most important role, is that they keep out water. As discussing in our FAQ page, water is the single most destructive enemy of any chimney. Not only does a cap keep water from pouring down your flue, but a properly sized cap that covers the whole chimney top will keep rain, snow, and ice from pounding and building up on the cement crown.

Next, chimney caps keep out pesky animals. Numerous critters are drawn to the chimney as a source of warmth and shelter. In the summer months, birds and raccoons like to make their nests inside chimney flues. During winter months, squirrels and chipmunks feel the heat coming from the chimney and find any way possible to get inside, away from the bitter cold.

If you have trees close to your home, and near your chimney, leaves and pine needles love to fall down inside wide open flues. Once they have settled and dried, they become easily combustible. A chimney cap will keep these fire hazards from entering your chimney.

Some people refer to caps as “spark arresters” and for good reason. The wire mesh inside most caps helps to keep any embers or spark that may have travelled up the chimney from leaving the flue, potentially landing on your roof, house, or trees.

There are many other great reasons for installing a chimney cap, but believe me when I say you are better off having one on your chimney, then without.

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